The settings pane provides complete management of your account.


The billing section provides access to update your card information and view all your invoices.


Billing seats

What are seats?

Zercurity uses ‘seats’ which refers to the number of Assets that have been licensed against your company.

By default you’re about to provision 5 assets for free. To add additional Assets you’ll need to purchase additional seats.

Adding seats

You can easily added seats to your account once you’ve added your card information. Once you’ve added your card information you’ll be able to add additional seats.

You can add seats using the Modify seat licenses. Use the arrows increment or decrement the number of seats you require.


As you add and remove seats your bill will be prorated. This means that you’re free to add and remove seats as you need them. You’ll be billed down to the hour. Perfect for companies using cloud services. You can make seat changes via the Zercurity API.