Application whitelisting rulesets

Zercurity uses Google Santa to white and blacklisting your applications.

Zercurity organises rules into rulesets. Rulesets are a collection of rules that can be applied to a collection of Assets.


This table gives you an overview of all the rulesets defined within your company. The first two rulesets are defined by Zercurity. These two rulesets contain all the applications and certificates Zercurity has identified for your company.

  • Name The name of the ruleset.

  • Description A description of the ruleset.

  • Rules The number of rules defined within the collection of this ruleset.

  • Created When the ruleset was created.

  • Updated When the ruleset was updated. Usually due to the ruleset name or description changing.

  • Actions These are changes that can be applied to the ruleset.

    • DELETE Removes the ruleset. Please note that rulesets are not deleted immediately. Rulesets will remain within the system for 30 days and are then deleted thereafter.