Release Notes

This document provides the most recent summaries release notes for Zercurity.


  • Added Debian (8/9), CentOS (6/7), Windows (7/10), MacOSX (10.14) CIS benchmarking including more than 5k new compliance tests.
  • Added a new compliance radar on the dashboard to quickly show you across your platforms where certain security configurations are falling down.
  • New compliance dashboard that shows your weekly progress and where you need to improve and how you compare against your peers.
  • Fixed some enrollment issues when re-installing over an existing installation to correctly clear and re-sync Santa rules.
  • Added a new application risk history tab to show how we’ve derived a risk score for a given application.
  • Optimised process fetching and hashing to reduce the load on the remote system.
  • Restrict the data being shown for assets to the last 90 days for non-subscription customers.
  • Added CVVSv3 scores to vulnerability data.
  • Weekly compliance report.
  • Daily summarisation of a companies cybersecurity posture. Including the ability to scrub backwards through time to review progress.
  • Added Issues tab to the Asset information page. To help better identify and address outstanding issues.
  • Added new vulnerabilities section.
  • Added network asset discovery and detection of device types based on their mac address.


  • Added new compliance dashboard for BETA availability.
  • File integrity monitoring (FIM) support is now available to everyone.
  • Fixed some spelling and grammar mistakes.
  • Updated javascript libraries.


  • Added support for Mac OSX apple system logs, Linux syslog and Windows events. Zercurity now agregates all these events into one place.
  • Added a new assets view that highlights outstanding compliance issues.
  • Updated the osquery test suite to 3.2.6
  • Fixed an issue that caused mac OSX machines to enroll slowly when downloading rulesets.
  • Fixed some issues with shareable links. Which sometimes didn’t load due to the browser caching the response.


  • Updated the Osquery results tab to allow you so share the results of a query.
  • Updated the way tabbed sections work so that REST API requests are abandoned if the user navigates away.


  • Added packages pane. Just like with applications, you can now see and search all of your packages in one place.
  • Added new search filters, to help quickly sort through items. For example; you can now filter results to just high risk items.
  • Updated the dashboard. New fresh look with quick links to high risk items.
  • Updated the login lockout window. Now provides a more helpful error message.
  • Moved to the Nivo charting library.
  • Fixed an API issue with the /teams resources. Sometimes not showing teams after an asset had been removed.


  • Added an event for new application installations.
  • Added an event for new package installations.
  • Added remediation information and actions for malicious applications and packages.
  • Added email alerts for when an assets risk profile changes. These notifications can be disabled from the user settings pane.
  • Updated device events for newly attached devices. Old device events have been removed but can be found under device audit.
  • Fixed package version ordering information as sometimes the order was incorrect.


  • Upgraded Osquery to 3.2.6
  • Upgraded Google Santa to 0.9.26 and added signed MDM config for OSX
  • Fixed a UI bug when creating a new Santa rule that would cause the screen to go white.


  • Added vulnerability information to packages that are installed on Ubuntu and Debian assets.
  • Updated certificates section to paginate applications, rather than the top 50.
  • Updated devices section to paginate assets, rather than the top 50.
  • Updated our email templates for GDPR compliance.
  • Updated out documentation to reflect the /packages API.
  • Upgraded UI JS components to the latest versions.


  • Added intercom support so that users can message us with feedback and support questions.
  • Added support to unsubscribe from email alerts and newsletters.
  • Added wifi support to network interfaces under windows.
  • Upgraded UI JS components to the latest versions.
  • Fixed an issue with duplicating packages under windows.


  • Added the ability to run Osquery against specific assets / platforms.
  • Added “packages” to now return information about the installed packages on assets. Just as with applications, packages also come with a risk score. Which shows whether the package is trusted, vulnerable or malicious.
  • Added a feature to link binaries to packages so you can see where a running processes has come from. This is helpful for process attribution.
  • Added the ability to remove assets.
  • Added confirmation dialogues when removing; assets, users, teams etc.
  • Upgraded UI JS components to the latest versions.
  • Fixed the alerts navigation bar icon. Which sometimes wasn’t loading the latest alerts.
  • Fixed an issue whereby changing company wouldn’t update the current view.
  • Fixed outbound Osquery links.


  • Added RHEL installer for Zercurity.
  • Updated the Debian installer to use the new Zercurity enrollment utility (less installation dependencies).


  • Added Windows (BETA) support as MSI installer. This can be deployed using Active Directory GPOs.


  • Added search support to numerous pages.
  • Added ability to remove assets.
  • Added user info page. Including audit information.
  • Added team info page. Including audit information.
  • Updated the enrollment page. Added helpful installation information.
  • Fixed various UI issues and improved performance.
  • Fixed no more dead links on events page, due to items being removed.
  • Improved error feedback in the UI. Fields are now highlighted.
  • Improved the Osquery workbench. SQL is now validated before being dispatched.
  • Improved the asset enrollment process. Asset information is fetched immediately and populated.
  • Frontend library version bumps.


  • Updated Osquery to 2.11.0.


  • Updated registration flow.
  • Updated email notification templates.
  • Fixed various UI issues and improved performance.


  • Added new login flow.
  • Added ability to clone queries.
  • Update various UI components and improved performance.

Older release information has been pruned.