Zercurity workflows let you build, run, and scale background jobs that have parallel or sequential steps. Workflows are designed to automate repetative tasks and save time. Zercurity provides a number of pre-built workflows.

Table view

  • Enabled Whether the current workflow is enabled or disabled.

  • Name The name given to your workflow.

  • Trigger Workflows can either be triggered by an Events trigger or scheduled on a pre-set interval using a Scheduled trigger trigger.

  • Running The number of activly running workflows.

  • Succeeded The number of workflows that have succeeded.

  • Failed The number of failed workflows.

  • Timed out The number of workflows that have timed out. Usually due to a callback not being returned or expected user interaction or 3rd party event.

  • Created The date the workflow was created.

Create workflow (Workbench)

Workflows are JSON documents. These can end up becoming quite complex. The Workbench helps speed up deployment of States through useful UI helpers.