Zercurity provides a number of reporting formats both generated and on demand. Reports are JSON documents that can be exported as a PDF.

Table view

  • Name The name and type of the generated report. The current supported reporting types are WEEKLY_SUMMARY, VULNERABILITY_REPORT, COMPLIANCE_REPORT

  • Score A summary of the criticality of a report. The score can also be used to represent its importance. 100 being extremely important.

  • Created by The user that created the report. If the report was generated by the system then the user is Zercurity

  • Download A download button to export the report as a PDF.

  • Created at The date and time the report was generated

  • Actions Actions to take against the report.

Weekly reporting

Zercurity will generate a weekly report which contains an executive summary of the weekly progress made during the course of the week. This report contains a breakdown of compliance benchmark performance. Changes in new and resolved issues and new critical issues that need to be urgently addressed.


Vulnerability report

A summary of all open vulnerabilities affecting assets.

Compliance report

A summary of the progress made toward compliance goals.