File (executable, bundle, installer, disk) code signing status.

Platform support

Please be aware that some queries can only be run against certain platforms. Below is a list of the supported platforms that this query supports. Zercurity will automatically pause queries from running if errors are detected. Running a query against an unsupported platform will result in the following error: no such table: signature

  • Mac OSX

Table schema

Name Type Description
path TEXT Must provide a path or directory
hash_resources INTEGER Set to 1 to also hash resources, or 0 otherwise. Default is 1
arch TEXT If applicable, the arch of the signed code
signed INTEGER 1 If the file is signed else 0
identifier TEXT The signing identifier sealed into the signature
cdhash TEXT Hash of the application Code Directory
team_identifier TEXT The team signing identifier sealed into the signature
authority TEXT Certificate Common Name

Query examples

SELECT * FROM signature WHERE path = '/bin/ls'
SELECT * FROM signature WHERE path = '/Applications/' AND hash_resources=0
SELECT * FROM (SELECT path, MIN(signed) AS all_signed, MIN(CASE WHEN authority = 'Software Signing' AND signed = 1 THEN 1 ELSE 0 END) AS all_signed_by_apple FROM signature WHERE path LIKE '/bin/%' GROUP BY path);