Data associated for address mapping of physical memory devices.

Table schema

Name Type Description
handle TEXT Handle, or instance number, associated with the structure
memory_device_handle TEXT Handle of the memory device structure associated with this structure
memory_array_mapped_address_handle TEXT Handle of the memory array mapped address to which this device range is mapped to
starting_address TEXT Physical stating address, in kilobytes, of a range of memory mapped to physical memory array
ending_address TEXT Physical ending address of last kilobyte of a range of memory mapped to physical memory array
partition_row_position INTEGER Identifies the position of the referenced memory device in a row of the address partition
interleave_position INTEGER The position of the device in a interleave, i.e. 0 indicates non-interleave, 1 indicates 1st interleave, 2 indicates 2nd interleave, etc.
interleave_data_depth INTEGER The max number of consecutive rows from memory device that are accessed in a single interleave transfer; 0 indicates device is non-interleave