LLDP neighbors of interfaces.

Platform support

Please be aware that some queries can only be run against certain platforms. Below is a list of the supported platforms that this query supports. Zercurity will automatically pause queries from running if errors are detected. Running a query against an unsupported platform will result in the following error: no such table: lldp_neighbors

  • Linux

Table schema

Name Type Description
interface TEXT Interface name
rid INTEGER Neighbor chassis index
chassis_id_type TEXT Neighbor chassis ID type
chassis_id TEXT Neighbor chassis ID value
chassis_sysname TEXT CPU brand string, contains vendor and model
chassis_sys_description INTEGER Max number of CPU physical cores
chassis_bridge_capability_available INTEGER Chassis bridge capability availability
chassis_bridge_capability_enabled INTEGER Is chassis bridge capability enabled.
chassis_router_capability_available INTEGER Chassis router capability availability
chassis_router_capability_enabled INTEGER Chassis router capability enabled
chassis_repeater_capability_available INTEGER Chassis repeater capability availability
chassis_repeater_capability_enabled INTEGER Chassis repeater capability enabled
chassis_wlan_capability_available INTEGER Chassis wlan capability availability
chassis_wlan_capability_enabled INTEGER Chassis wlan capability enabled
chassis_tel_capability_available INTEGER Chassis telephone capability availability
chassis_tel_capability_enabled INTEGER Chassis telephone capability enabled
chassis_docsis_capability_available INTEGER Chassis DOCSIS capability availability
chassis_docsis_capability_enabled INTEGER Chassis DOCSIS capability enabled
chassis_station_capability_available INTEGER Chassis station capability availability
chassis_station_capability_enabled INTEGER Chassis station capability enabled
chassis_other_capability_available INTEGER Chassis other capability availability
chassis_other_capability_enabled INTEGER Chassis other capability enabled
chassis_mgmt_ips TEXT Comma delimited list of chassis management IPS
port_id_type TEXT Port ID type
port_id TEXT Port ID value
port_description TEXT Port description
port_ttl BIGINT Age of neighbor port
port_mfs BIGINT Port max frame size
port_aggregation_id TEXT Port aggregation ID
port_autoneg_supported INTEGER Auto negotiation supported
port_autoneg_enabled INTEGER Is auto negotiation enabled
port_mau_type TEXT MAU type
port_autoneg_10baset_hd_enabled INTEGER 10Base-T HD auto negotiation enabled
port_autoneg_10baset_fd_enabled INTEGER 10Base-T FD auto negotiation enabled
port_autoneg_100basetx_hd_enabled INTEGER 100Base-TX HD auto negotiation enabled
port_autoneg_100basetx_fd_enabled INTEGER 100Base-TX FD auto negotiation enabled
port_autoneg_100baset2_hd_enabled INTEGER 100Base-T2 HD auto negotiation enabled
port_autoneg_100baset2_fd_enabled INTEGER 100Base-T2 FD auto negotiation enabled
port_autoneg_100baset4_hd_enabled INTEGER 100Base-T4 HD auto negotiation enabled
port_autoneg_100baset4_fd_enabled INTEGER 100Base-T4 FD auto negotiation enabled
port_autoneg_1000basex_hd_enabled INTEGER 1000Base-X HD auto negotiation enabled
port_autoneg_1000basex_fd_enabled INTEGER 1000Base-X FD auto negotiation enabled
port_autoneg_1000baset_hd_enabled INTEGER 1000Base-T HD auto negotiation enabled
port_autoneg_1000baset_fd_enabled INTEGER 1000Base-T FD auto negotiation enabled
power_device_type TEXT Dot3 power device type
power_mdi_supported INTEGER MDI power supported
power_mdi_enabled INTEGER Is MDI power enabled
power_paircontrol_enabled INTEGER Is power pair control enabled
power_pairs TEXT Dot3 power pairs
power_class TEXT Power class
power_8023at_enabled INTEGER Is 802.3at enabled
power_8023at_power_type TEXT 802.3at power type
power_8023at_power_source TEXT 802.3at power source
power_8023at_power_priority TEXT 802.3at power priority
power_8023at_power_allocated TEXT 802.3at power allocated
power_8023at_power_requested TEXT 802.3at power requested
med_device_type TEXT Chassis MED type
med_capability_capabilities INTEGER Is MED capabilities enabled
med_capability_policy INTEGER Is MED policy capability enabled
med_capability_location INTEGER Is MED location capability enabled
med_capability_mdi_pse INTEGER Is MED MDI PSE capability enabled
med_capability_mdi_pd INTEGER Is MED MDI PD capability enabled
med_capability_inventory INTEGER Is MED inventory capability enabled
med_policies TEXT Comma delimited list of MED policies
vlans TEXT Comma delimited list of vlan ids
pvid TEXT Primary VLAN id
ppvids_supported TEXT Comma delimited list of supported PPVIDs
ppvids_enabled TEXT Comma delimited list of enabled PPVIDs
pids TEXT Comma delimited list of PIDs

Query examples

Select all the results for the given table.

SELECT * FROM lldp_neighbors;