Display kernel virtual address and speculative execution information for the system.

Table schema

Name Type Description
kva_shadow_enabled INTEGER Kernel Virtual Address shadowing is enabled.
kva_shadow_user_global INTEGER User pages are marked as global.
kva_shadow_pcid INTEGER Kernel VA PCID flushing optimization is enabled.
kva_shadow_inv_pcid INTEGER Kernel VA INVPCID is enabled.
bp_mitigations INTEGER Branch Prediction mitigations are enabled.
bp_system_pol_disabled INTEGER Branch Predictions are disabled via system policy.
bp_microcode_disabled INTEGER Branch Predictions are disabled due to lack of microcode update.
cpu_spec_ctrl_supported INTEGER SPEC_CTRL MSR supported by CPU Microcode.
ibrs_support_enabled INTEGER Windows uses IBRS.
stibp_support_enabled INTEGER Windows uses STIBP.
cpu_pred_cmd_supported INTEGER PRED_CMD MSR supported by CPU Microcode.

Query examples

select * from kva_speculative_info