Docker containers information.

Table schema

Name Type Description
id TEXT Container ID
name TEXT Container name
image TEXT Docker image (name) used to launch this container
image_id TEXT Docker image ID
command TEXT Command with arguments
created BIGINT Time of creation as UNIX time
state TEXT Container state (created, restarting, running, removing, paused, exited, dead)
status TEXT Container status information
pid BIGINT Identifier of the initial process
path TEXT Container path
config_entrypoint TEXT Container entrypoint(s)
started_at TEXT Container start time as string
finished_at TEXT Container finish time as string
privileged INTEGER Is the container privileged
security_options TEXT List of container security options
env_variables TEXT Container environmental variables
readonly_rootfs INTEGER Is the root filesystem mounted as read only
cgroup_namespace TEXT cgroup namespace
ipc_namespace TEXT IPC namespace
mnt_namespace TEXT Mount namespace
net_namespace TEXT Network namespace
pid_namespace TEXT PID namespace
user_namespace TEXT User namespace
uts_namespace TEXT UTS namespace

Query examples

select * from docker_containers where id = '11b2399e1426d906e62a0c357650e363426d6c56dbe2f35cbaa9b452250e3355'
select * from docker_containers where name = '/hello'