Certificate Authorities installed in Keychains/ca-bundles.

Table schema

Name Type Description
common_name TEXT Certificate CommonName
subject TEXT Certificate distinguished name
issuer TEXT Certificate issuer distinguished name
ca INTEGER 1 if CA: true (certificate is an authority) else 0
self_signed INTEGER 1 if self-signed, else 0
not_valid_before DATETIME Lower bound of valid date
not_valid_after DATETIME Certificate expiration data
signing_algorithm TEXT Signing algorithm used
key_algorithm TEXT Key algorithm used
key_strength TEXT Key size used for RSA/DSA, or curve name
key_usage TEXT Certificate key usage and extended key usage
subject_key_id TEXT SKID an optionally included SHA1
authority_key_id TEXT AKID an optionally included SHA1
sha1 TEXT SHA1 hash of the raw certificate contents
path TEXT Path to Keychain or PEM bundle
serial TEXT Certificate serial number