Scan for nearby WiFi networks.

Platform support

Please be aware that some queries can only be run against certain platforms. Below is a list of the supported platforms that this query supports. Zercurity will automatically pause queries from running if errors are detected. Running a query against an unsupported platform will result in the following error: no such table: wifi_survey

  • Mac OSX

Table schema

Name Type Description
interface TEXT Name of the interface
ssid TEXT SSID octets of the network
bssid TEXT The current basic service set identifier
network_name TEXT Name of the network
country_code TEXT The country code (ISO/IEC 3166-1:1997) for the network
rssi INTEGER The current received signal strength indication (dbm)
noise INTEGER The current noise measurement (dBm)
channel INTEGER Channel number
channel_width INTEGER Channel width
channel_band INTEGER Channel band

Query examples

Select all the results for the given table.

SELECT * FROM wifi_survey;