Detailed information and stats of network interfaces.

Platform support

Please be aware that some queries can only be run against certain platforms. Below is a list of the supported platforms that this query supports. Zercurity will automatically pause queries from running if errors are detected. Running a query against an unsupported platform will result in the following error: no such table: interface_details

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Mac OSX
  • Free BSD

Table schema

Name Type Description
interface TEXT Interface name
mac TEXT MAC of interface (optional)
type INTEGER Interface type (includes virtual)
mtu INTEGER Network MTU
metric INTEGER Metric based on the speed of the interface
flags INTEGER Flags (netdevice) for the device
ipackets BIGINT Input packets
opackets BIGINT Output packets
ibytes BIGINT Input bytes
obytes BIGINT Output bytes
ierrors BIGINT Input errors
oerrors BIGINT Output errors
idrops BIGINT Input drops
odrops BIGINT Output drops
collisions BIGINT Packet Collisions detected
last_change BIGINT Time of last device modification (optional)
friendly_name TEXT The friendly display name of the interface.
description TEXT Short description of the object—a one-line string.
manufacturer TEXT Name of the network adapter’s manufacturer.
connection_id TEXT Name of the network connection as it appears in the Network Connections Control Panel program.
connection_status TEXT State of the network adapter connection to the network.
enabled INTEGER Indicates whether the adapter is enabled or not.
physical_adapter INTEGER Indicates whether the adapter is a physical or a logical adapter.
speed INTEGER Estimate of the current bandwidth in bits per second.
service TEXT The name of the service the network adapter uses.
dhcp_enabled INTEGER If TRUE, the dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP) server automatically assigns an IP address to the computer system when establishing a network connection.
dhcp_lease_expires TEXT Expiration date and time for a leased IP address that was assigned to the computer by the dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP) server.
dhcp_lease_obtained TEXT Date and time the lease was obtained for the IP address assigned to the computer by the dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP) server.
dhcp_server TEXT IP address of the dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP) server.
dns_domain TEXT Organization name followed by a period and an extension that indicates the type of organization, such as ‘’.
dns_domain_suffix_search_order TEXT Array of DNS domain suffixes to be appended to the end of host names during name resolution.
dns_host_name TEXT Host name used to identify the local computer for authentication by some utilities.
dns_server_search_order TEXT Array of server IP addresses to be used in querying for DNS servers.

Query examples

select interface, mac, type, idrops as input_drops from interface_details;
select interface, mac, type, flags, (1<<8) as promisc_flag from interface_details where (flags & promisc_flag) > 0;
select interface, mac, type, flags, (1<<3) as loopback_flag from interface_details where (flags & loopback_flag) > 0;