OS X known/remembered Wi-Fi networks list.

Table schema

Name Type Description
ssid TEXT SSID octets of the network
network_name TEXT Name of the network
security_type TEXT Type of security on this network
last_connected INTEGER Last time this netword was connected to as a unix_time
passpoint INTEGER 1 if Passpoint is supported, 0 otherwise
possibly_hidden INTEGER 1 if network is possibly a hidden network, 0 otherwise
roaming INTEGER 1 if roaming is supported, 0 otherwise
roaming_profile TEXT Describe the roaming profile, usually one of Single, Dual or Multi
captive_portal INTEGER 1 if this network has a captive portal, 0 otherwise
auto_login INTEGER 1 if auto login is enabled, 0 otherwise
temporarily_disabled INTEGER 1 if this network is temporarily disabled, 0 otherwise
disabled INTEGER 1 if this network is disabled, 0 otherwise