All running processes on the host system.

Table schema

Name Type Description
pid BIGINT Process (or thread) ID
name TEXT The process path or shorthand argv[0]
path TEXT Path to executed binary
cmdline TEXT Complete argv
state TEXT Process state
cwd TEXT Process current working directory
root TEXT Process virtual root directory
uid BIGINT Unsigned user ID
gid BIGINT Unsigned group ID
euid BIGINT Unsigned effective user ID
egid BIGINT Unsigned effective group ID
suid BIGINT Unsigned saved user ID
sgid BIGINT Unsigned saved group ID
on_disk INTEGER The process path exists yes=1, no=0, unknown=-1
wired_size BIGINT Bytes of unpagable memory used by process
resident_size BIGINT Bytes of private memory used by process
total_size BIGINT Total virtual memory size
user_time BIGINT CPU time spent in user space
system_time BIGINT CPU time spent in kernel space
start_time BIGINT Process start in seconds since boot (non-sleeping)
parent BIGINT Process parent’s PID
pgroup BIGINT Process group
threads INTEGER Number of threads used by process
nice INTEGER Process nice level (-20 to 20, default 0)

Query examples

select * from processes where pid = 1