Linux IP packet filtering and NAT tool.

Table schema

Name Type Description
filter_name TEXT Packet matching filter table name.
chain TEXT Size of module content.
policy TEXT Policy that applies for this rule.
target TEXT Target that applies for this rule.
protocol INTEGER Protocol number identification.
src_port TEXT Protocol source port(s).
dst_port TEXT Protocol destination port(s).
src_ip TEXT Source IP address.
src_mask TEXT Source IP address mask.
iniface TEXT Input interface for the rule.
iniface_mask TEXT Input interface mask for the rule.
dst_ip TEXT Destination IP address.
dst_mask TEXT Destination IP address mask.
outiface TEXT Output interface for the rule.
outiface_mask TEXT Output interface mask for the rule.
match TEXT Matching rule that applies.
packets INTEGER Number of matching packets for this rule.
bytes INTEGER Number of matching bytes for this rule.