Interactive filesystem attributes and metadata.

Table schema

Name Type Description
path TEXT Absolute file path
directory TEXT Directory of file(s)
filename TEXT Name portion of file path
inode BIGINT Filesystem inode number
uid BIGINT Owning user ID
gid BIGINT Owning group ID
mode TEXT Permission bits
device BIGINT Device ID (optional)
size BIGINT Size of file in bytes
block_size INTEGER Block size of filesystem
atime BIGINT Last access time
mtime BIGINT Last modification time
ctime BIGINT Last status change time
btime BIGINT (B)irth or (cr)eate time
hard_links INTEGER Number of hard links
symlink INTEGER 1 if the path is a symlink, otherwise 0
type TEXT File status

Query examples

select * from file where path = '/etc/passwd'
select * from file where directory = '/etc/'
select * from file where path LIKE '/etc/%'