EC2 instance metadata.

Table schema

Name Type Description
instance_id TEXT EC2 instance ID
instance_type TEXT EC2 instance type
architecture TEXT Hardware architecture of this EC2 instance
region TEXT AWS region in which this instance launched
availability_zone TEXT Availability zone in which this instance launched
local_hostname TEXT Private IPv4 DNS hostname of the first interface of this instance
local_ipv4 TEXT Private IPv4 address of the first interface of this instance
mac TEXT MAC address for the first network interface of this EC2 instance
security_groups TEXT Comma separated list of security group names
iam_arn TEXT If there is an IAM role associated with the instance, contains instance profile ARN
ami_id TEXT AMI ID used to launch this EC2 instance
reservation_id TEXT ID of the reservation
account_id TEXT AWS account ID which owns this EC2 instance
ssh_public_key TEXT SSH public key. Only available if supplied at instance launch time

Query examples

select * from ec2_instance_metadata