Within Zercurity you can be apart of multiple companies. You can either be invited to join another company. By another user who is an administrator. Or you can create additional companies yourself. Some users use companies as sub-business rather than individual organisations.

Table view

  • Status The status represents either the number of Assets that are in use versus the number of seats that have been licensed. Or if there is an error with the account. Usually due to a billing error or non-payment. You can hover over the status icon at any time to get a description of the current status.

    • RED Usually indicates that you have either reached the number of licensed seats. Or there has been an error charging your card.

    • YELLOW Usually indicates that you are either close to reaching the number of licensed seats.

    • GREEN Everything is a-ok!

  • Name The name of the company.

  • Users The number of Users that have been provisioned under this company.

  • Teams The number of Teams that have been provisioned under this company.

  • Assets The number of Assets that have been provisioned under this company.

  • Seats Seats refer to the number of licensed a Assets that are available. The more assets that you add to a company, the more seats you will need to purchase.

  • Created The date and time that the company was created.

  • Actions These are changes that can be applied to the company.

    • CARD This is a shortcut to take you through to the payment information attached to this company.

    • DELETE Removes the company. Please note that companies are not deleted immediately. Companies will remain within the system for 30 days and are then deleted thereafter along with the associated users, teams and assets including all of the data.

Create company

Companies can be created using the Create Company button. Which will display the following popup dialogue.