This document will show you how to get up and running when using Zercurity on-prem. Zercurity uses docker to manage the Zercurity deployment process and updates.


Before going any further you will need to request access to the Zercurity container repository. Contact us for access.

Zercurity provides pre built images in the following formats:

System requirements


For most smaller deployments will have the database running on the same server. Please combine the storage requirements.

Storage requirements are based on one year of usage. Zercurity can be configured to automatically prune the database to avoid run away storage requirements.

Server hardware Requirement
CPU Two 64-bit CPUs or one 64-bit dual-core processor.
Processor 2.0GHz or faster Intel 64 or AMD 64 processor. The Itanium (IA64) processor is not supported. Processor requirements might be higher if the database runs on the same machine.
Memory 4GB RAM. Memory requirements might be higher depending on the number of remote connections and the load put on the database. See deployment Sizing requirements
Disk storage 40GB. Primarily for docker image storage and container logs. Which can be easily pruned.
Database storage 100GB. Storage requirements can increase dramatically depending on your use case. SIEM, and networking events will require at least 500GB. If you’re using RDS you’ll need to provision at least 1TB for general purpose IOPS.
Networking Gigabit connection recommended.

Sizing requirements

Zercurity uses around 280 MB of disk space per client per year.

Clients Cores Memory Disk Database disk
100 2 4GB 40GB 30 GB
500 4 8GB 40GB 150 GB
1,000 8 16GB 40GB 300 GB
10,000 16 64GB 40GB 3 TB
50,000 32 128GB 40GB 15 TB