Zercurity records every application (OSX), package (Linux) and program (Windows) installed across your assets. We collectively refer to these as packages.

Table view

  • Risk Zercurity uses colours to colour-code the severity of risk.

  • Name The name of the package. For some common packages, you can click to find out more information about the package and its source of origin.

  • Version A version number for the package. If the package is out-of-date then the risk icon will be at least a yellow colour.

  • Assets The number of Assets that currently have this package installed.

  • Published The date this package was either first seen or released by the publisher. You can click the package name to find out more.

  • First installed The date the package was first installed across all assets.

Package view


Provides a unified overview of the package’s state. This includes any vulnerabilities assigned to the given package or newer and historical package information.

Historical view

Provides a history of risk changes made to the package.

Vulnerabilities view


Provides a list of assigned CVEs against a given package.

  • Name The CVE name and corresponding CVSS severity score.

  • Package The version of the package.

  • Vulnerable Version The vulnerable version that package maintainers identified before a fix was issued.

  • Fixed Version The fixed package that remedied the vulnerability.

  • Source Where we found this information. Maybe be user contributed. The source is usually accompanied by a corresponding source id or SID. This id that refers the the external sources Id.

  • Published When the vulnerability was first published.

  • Description A short description of the vulnerability.

  • CVSSv2 CVSSv2 scoring information. More information can be found here about how the scores are calculated and what they mean.

Versions view

Provides a list of other versions for a given package. These versions may be newer or older.

  • Filename The filename of the package that was processed.

  • Version The version of the package.

  • Owner The email address and/or name of the maintainer of the package

  • Published The date and time of when the package was published.