Zercurity keeps track of all of the certificates that are used to sign the applications that your Assets run.

Table view

  • Risk Represented by either a; red, orange or green icon of the applications platform.

    • Red Caution. The certificate is known to be malicious and will have been blocked from running. However, administrators should investigate the incident.

    • Orange Warning. The certificate is untrusted or suspicious. Or may have just expired. This could mean the application signed by this certificate is malicious and depending on your configuration may have been executed as a result. You will need to check which Assets this application has been installed on.

    • Green Approved. This is a known good and trusted certificate. Which has been allowed to run on an asset.

    • Grey Unknown. This certificate’s status is unknown. It will be in the process of being checked.

  • Name The certificate name. This is the certificates common name.

  • Organisation This is the name of the organisation the certificate has been issued to. Usually this is the company name of the developer of the application.

  • Applications Represents the number of applications that this certificate has been used to sign.

  • Issued This is the date and time of when the certificate was issued and when the certificate is valid from.

  • Expired This is the date and time of when the certificate will expire. If a certificate expires it should be considered invalid. Applications installed with an expired certificate should be updated immediately.