Discovered assets

Zercurity will help you discover other assets across your network using a systems ARP cache. Zercurity will also also group common networks to aid the discovery of unknown devices and systems that have yet to be enrolled.

Table view

  • Asset type For every asset discovered we’ll try to work out the type of system based on its mac address.

  • Status Zercurity will assign states against discovered assets. The ideal states are either enrolled or Labeled.

    • Enrolled This an asset that’s running the Zercurity agent.

    • Labeled Assets that aren’t enrolled or can’t be enrolled can be labeled instead. This will help identify systems in logs or other network activity throughout the Zercurity application.

    • Known These are assets that Zercurity has discovered on networks that also have enrolled assets on but yet we don’t know anything about them and should warrant investigation.

    • Discovered These are assets that are outside networks that have existing networks on.

  • Asset / Device name If this is an enrolled asset the asset’s name will be used. Otherwise, the asset label will be used instead. If asset as no identifiable information then Zercurity will use the manufacturer information based off of the mac address.

  • IP/Mac address Network IP address and the MAC address of the discovered asset.

  • Owner If this is an enrolled asset the owner’s name will be used. Otherwise, an owner can be attached to a discovered asset.

  • Importance Zercurity looks at the number of times we identify an asset across all the enrolled devices. The more times we see an assets mac address on other assets the higher the importance. This is calculated on a 14 day rolling window.

  • Last seen This is the last time an asset on the network had this asset in its ARP cache.

Create an asset

For assets that aren’t automatically discovered they can be added manually. This can also be done via the Zercurity API. We also provide scripts for common network devices such as Ubiquti to enrich discovered assets and label them with DHCP lease information to help better identify systems.

You can Create an asset like so. For certain assets you’ll be required to provide a MAC address so that Zercurity can automatically link it to future or past events. The barcode can be used as a custom unique identifier commonly known as an Asset tag. This tag will be automatically reference across the platform.