Installer OSX (MDM)

Zercurity can be deployed using an MDM.



Once, you’ve logged into Jamf Now proceed to the application management view from the left hand menu. Up at the top click Add an app.

Use the Upload your app tab to select your zercurity.pkg and then wait for the upload to complete before naming your new application e.g. Zercurity 2.2.


Next, from the left hand menu head on over to your companies blueprints. Select the blueprint you want to apply the Zercurity PKG too. In most cases this will just be the default blueprint.

Firstly from the Apps tab, click Add an app and search for the app you added earlier Zercurity 2.2


For MacOSX 10.15 (Catalina) Osquery requires a custom profile be applied to the system which can only be installed via an MDM. This transparency consent and control (TCC) profile to give Osquery greater access and visibility over the system.

To apply the Zercurity TCC profile you can add it to your current blueprint. Simply select the Custom Profiles tab and then select Add a Custom Profile. You can download Zercurity’s TCC mobileconfig.

Once you’ve down all that JAMF will automatically install Zercurity onto your fleet.