Zercurity keeps track of all the applications (binaries) that are installed across all of your Assets across all platforms.

Table view

  • Risk Represented by either a; red, orange or green icon of the applications platform.

    • Red Caution. The application is known to be malicious and will have been blocked from running. However, administrators should investigate the incident.
    • Orange Warning. The application is untrusted or suspicious. This could mean the application is malicious and depending on your configuration may have been executed as a result. You will need to check which Assets this application has been installed on.
    • Green Approved. This is a known good and trusted application. Which has been allowed to run on an asset.
    • Grey Unknown. This application’s status is unknown. It will be in the process of being checked.
  • Name / Package The application name. This will typically be the name of the binary.

  • Version The applications version. There will typically be numerous versions of an application. Zercurity will group and track all the application versions. Alerting you to out-of-date applications.

  • Assets The number of Assets the application has been installed on.

  • Created The date of when Zercurity first detected this application binary.

  • Updated The date of when this application was updated. Applications may get updated because the application’s description is updated or the applications risk profile changes.